WeFact Hosting version 4.1.0: PHP 7, Plesk Onyx and more

Today we launched WeFact Hosting version 4.1.0. This version has support for PHP 7 and supports the new Plesk Onyx and a lot of smaller improvements.

PHP 7 support
WeFact Hosting version 4.1.0 supports PHP 7. This means that the minimum version of PHP is increased to PHP 5.6.
Do you still run a lower PHP version, please update first to PHP 5.6, update WeFact Hosting to 4.1.0 and finally update all the modules in WeFact Hosting (menu “Settings” > “Modules”). You’re now ready to upgrade to PHP 7.

Improvements and new features:

  • Plesk Onyx support
  • Extended error information in WeFact Hosting
  • Add a reason when terminating a service in the backoffice.
  • Improvements in integrations: Plesk 12, Openprovider and Oxxa.
  • Improvements to PowerDNS and bugfix for DNSSec.
  • More then 50 smaller bugfixes and improvements.

How do I update to version 4.1.0?
Click on the version number (at the top) in your WeFact Hosting environment. The download page of our client area will pop up. Here you can download the update to version 4.1.0. The downloaded ZIP contains a ‘readme.pdf’ which helps you with the update process.

WeFact Hosting version 4 officially available!

Last year we worked hard on a new, responsive clientarea for WeFact Hosting. We have developed several new functionalities as well and implemented many optimizations and improvements.

After a long development time and beta versions we are happy to announce the launch of WeFact Hosting Version 4 today!

WeFact Hosting version 4
New clientarea
During the development of the new clientarea we detained the following three core values: (i) a modern layout and responsiveness, (ii) support for all service types and more functionalities and (iii) easiness of custom code (and always be able to update WeFact Hosting).

The new clientarea allows your customers to see their invoices and pay them, view their purchased services, modify the WHOIS domain information, modify the domain DNS, log directly in the hosting control panel (single sign-on), download SSL certificates or create a helpdesk ticket.

Different colors, own CSS and own pages
We developed the new clientarea in such a way that it’s easy to make changes, from simple color changes (which can be done in the backoffice) as CSS changes or complete themes and page refinements. All those changes won’t conflict with a future update, because custom codes can be down in a seperate “custom” folder. The FAQ contains lots of information about changing things in the clientarea. Besides the FAQ we also created documentation and example files for extended code customizations, click here to go to the developers section.

Responsive order form
The current order form has remained almost unchanged. However, the code structure has changed to be able to make the order form responsive. This means the order form is now usable on mobile phones and different screen widths.

Custom fields for clients, invoices and estimates
Previously custom fields were only available for clients. Now, with this new version, you can also add custom fields for your invoices and estimates. You can choose yourself whether or not you show this information on the invoice PDF or in the invoice e-mail. Click here to read more about the custom fields.

Lots of new commands in the new API
The API is heavily used and makes it possible to automate processes from different software products and fetch or add information in WeFact Hosting. We therefore put a lot of effort in adding more and more commands, and will continue doing this. Another great addition to the API is the ‘created’ and ‘modified’ parameter for each record. This allows you to retrieve only changed data from a certain date.

And a lot more…
We have made lots of improvements in the integrations of DirectAdmin, Plesk, cPanel, PowerDNS and domain registrars. We also made sure we now have retina icons and a new menu in the backoffice, to give it a better and cleaner look. Besides all the new features we made over 200 improvements.

We believe that version 4 with the new clientarea, allows you to offer an additional service to your customers and your own processes can run faster, better and more reliable!

WeFact Hosting version 3.6.2 and news about the new client area

Today we launch version 3.6.2 of WeFact Hosting. The last months we worked hard on optimalizations which we do not want to hold back before the (next) update with a brand new client area. Read further to know more about the new client area.

Improvements and new features:

  • The backoffice has have a small metamorphosis, therefore pages will render faster.
  • Brute Force Protection: whitelist and blacklist after 10 incorrect login attempts.
  • Improved the quality of sent emails. Also you can configure DKIM for your emails.
  • Domain termination procedure, you can send an email to the client with the domain token (will retrieved realtime at the registrar).
  • If an expired SSL certificate is not renewed, you can change it to the status “Uninstalled” so it will not appear in the expired list anymore.
  • Small correction in the statistics (cents) that could occur when using prices excluding and including tax.
  • When generated the hostingaccount details PDF/email you can generate a new password directly from the dialog, so all the information is correct.
  • The ticketsystem sometimes recognized the incorrect CC email address.
  • Attachments lost while merging draft invoices.
  • Improved the hosting account statistics.
  • PowerDNS: supporting the SOA record for DNS management.
  • Added 2 new webhooks: “domain_is_imported” and “hosting_is_imported”.
  • Preperations for PHP 7 support (we’re waiting on ionCube support for PHP 7).

How do I update to version 3.6.2?
Click on the version number (at the top) in your WeFact Hosting environment. The download page of our client area will pop up. Here you can download the update to version 3.6.2. The downloaded ZIP contains a ‘readme.pdf’ which helps you with the update process.
You can update from version 3.4. If you have an older version, please update first to version 3.4. Older versions can be downloaded in our client area.

Brand new client area
Past months we have been working hard on a new, responsive client area for WeFact Hosting. During the development we’re keeping 3 core values in our mind: (i) a modern look and feel and ofcourse mobile responsive, (ii) supporting all service types (such as SSL and VPS) and finally (iii) easy possibilities to edit or creating own developments (and still be able to easily update to a new WeFact Hosting version).

Development takes a long time. At this moment we have built all existing features, and also developed the missing service types such as SSL and VPS. At the moment we are working on some additional features, performance and security. The finalization will take still a couple of weeks.

Order form (mobile) responsive
The current order form will keep its current look and feel, but it will be (mobile) responsive., something which is often asked by our users.

It will still takes us a couple of weeks more to finalize the first draft version. We have a couple of WeFact users who will test the beta version and give us feedback. After the beta period, we will launch WeFact Hosting version 4 with the new client area and responsive order form.

Before ending this blog, we want to give you a quick ‘sneak preview’ (screens are made in Dutch language).



WeFact Hosting version 3.6.0: VPS support and DNS management

Today we launched version 3.6.0 of WeFact Hosting. This newest version contains the highly requested VPS support and DNS management. Besides these two big new features, there are also a lot of smaller improvements and new features.

Improvements and new features:

  • Duplicate purchasing invoices, this will help you add new identical invoices faster.
  • If a supplier collects the purchasing invoices automatically, you can now set this in WeFact Hosting.
  • Clean up all unused domain contacts in WeFact Hosting, from the domain contacts overview page.
  • Improved usability of the client interactions.
  • Smaller improvements to the SEPA direct debit and matching bank statements.
  • Actions will not be performed multiple times anymore when accidentally double clicked.

NEW: VPS support
WeFact Hosting is now able to process an order automatically, create the VPS and send the login credentials to the client. You can even start, pause, restart, suspend and delete a VPS, directly in your WeFact Hosting environment. We support Onapp and Openstack. Click here to read more about how to start with VPS in WeFact Hosting.

NEW: DNS management
If you use PowerDNS, the DNS of DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk or even the DNS service of your registrar, you can now provision and edit the DNS within WeFact Hosting. A few steps are necessary to enable DNS management, read more here.

How do I update to version 3.6.0?
Click on the version number (at the top) in your WeFact Hosting environment. The download page of our client area will pop up. Here you can download the update to version 3.6.0. The downloaded ZIP contains a ‘readme.pdf’ which helps you with the update process.

What’s next for WeFact Hosting…
In the remaining months of 2015 and the first months in 2016 we will be working on a new clientarea. We will put the exisiting clientarea aside, so we can use the latest techniques. The new clientarea will obviously support the new service types SSL certificates and VPS, as well as DNS management. The new clientarea will get a more functionalities for clients and more (simpler) possibilities for developers. More news about the new clientarea will follow in the next months.


WeFact Hosting version 3.5.0: upgrade hosting accounts, domain sync, attachments, extended tax overview

Today we launched version 3.5.0 of WeFact Hosting. This newest version contains frequently requested features such as upgrading a hosting account, domain sync, attach files to clients and an extended tax specification. Hereby we would like to inform you about the update.

Improvements and new features:

  • Attach files to clients and suppliers.
  • The autorenew for a domain can be turned on/off from the domain show page.
  • Use an ENTER in the estimate-/invoice line description field.
  • The backoffice has now the possibility to activate a 2 step authentication. Besides your username and password, you need to enter a authorisation code. This extra security can be enabled for each employee. Read here how to enable this.
  • An extended tax specification (new tab at the tax overview page).
  • The quantity field for an estimate or invoice line can now have an entity, such as ‘3
    hours’ or ‘5 pieces’.
  • A lot of new third party integrations.
  • All integrations can be updated independently from the WeFact Hosting version.

NEW: Up-/downgrade a hosting account
You no longer have to upgrade of downgrade a hosting account manually. Within this newest version you can simply do this in WeFact Hosting. The backoffice manage the up-/downgrade to the server control panel and can also take care of invoicing. Read the help article to learn how you can up-/downgrade a hosting account.

NEW: Domain sync
It’s important that information in WeFact Hosting is up to date. Therefore we developed a synchronization feature which checks the domain expiration date and nameservers at the registrar on a regular basis. This synchronization will be performed by the cronjob or when you view a domain. Click here to learn how to enable the domain sync.

How do I update to version 3.5.0?
Click on the version number (at the top) in your WeFact Hosting environment. The download page of our client area will pop up. Here you can download the update to version 3.5.0. The downloaded ZIP contains a ‘readme.pdf’ which helps you with the update process.

New integration with hosting control panel ISPConfig

Today we are releasing a new integration, this time with ISPConfig. This is the fifth hosting control panel we now support. The integration is also included in the latest version of WeFact Hosting 3.4.0.

Supported action for ISPConfig:

  • Create web hosting accounts
  • Create reseller hosting accounts
  • (Un)suspend hosting accounts
  • Delete hosting accounts
  • Import hosting accounts from server
  • Add/delete additional domains to hosting account

If you are looking for any particular integration which is missing in WeFact Hosting, please contact us so we can have a look at the possibilities!

New: integration with domain registrar InterNetworX

Today we are excited to announce further optimalizations for our German users by adding support for the German domain registrar InterNetworX. The integration is included in the latest version of WeFact Hosting 3.4.0.

Supported action for InterNetworX:

  • Register and transfer domains
  • Terminate domains (directly and at expiration date)
  • Change nameservers
  • Change WHOIS information
  • Get authorization code
  • Import existing domains

Coming up next is support for hosting control panel ISPConfig.

If you are looking for any particular integration which is missing in WeFact Hosting, please contact us so we can have a look at the possibilities.

WeFact Hosting version 3.4: Termination procedures, import bank statements and German language in client area

We just launched version 3.4 of WeFact Hosting. This newest version contains a new bank statement import module and has a new way of terminating services by using predefined procedures. Besides these new features we also put a lot of effort in making WeFact Hosting even more user-friendly. Below we would like to inform you about the larger changes.

Improvements and new features:

  • New module for importing bank statements: supporting file formats CAMT, MT940 structured and MT940. A bank statement can be linked to a purchasing invoice, sales invoice or direct debit batch. Read more about importing bank statements here.
  • Change WHOIS information or change the registrar for multiple domains with one action. You can also move multiple services from one client to another.
  • Change the password of a hosting account.
  • When marking an invoice as paid, you can directly enter the pay date.
  • German language now available for the client area and order form.
  • Integration with domain registrar InterNetworX.
  • Integration with domain registrar DNS.be.
  • Integration with payment provider SOFORT.
  • Integration with payment provider Giropay.
  • Integration with hosting control panel ISPConfig.

NEW: Terminating services
A missing feature that we often heard was the ability to terminate services. This new update answers this request. In version 3.4 you can define termination procedures per service type. Every procedure can contain one or multiple actions which can be processed automatically.
Example: when a hosting account is terminated, on the termination date the hosting account can be suspended and after 30 days the account can be deleted.
Read here more about how to use the new termination process.

How do I update to version 3.4?
Click on the version number (at the top) in your WeFact Hosting environment. The download page of our client area will pop up. Here you can download the update to version 3.4. The downloaded ZIP contains a ‘readme.pdf’ which helps you with the update process.

Manage your SSL certificates… easy and organized in WeFact Hosting

Besides the possibilities of WeFact Hosting to register domain names real time and create hosting accounts on your server, in version 3.3 it is also possible to manage your SSL certificates! This unique SSL module distinguishes itself by it’s easiness of requesting new SSL certificates and the clear overviews.

A short introduction
Setup and configuration
Within WeFact Hosting you can add your SSL products. While adding your SSL product, all the specifications, such as request period and wildcard/multi domain of the SSL product will be retrieved from your SSL provider. This saves you time and prevents mistakes.
It is common to give a reduction when a SSL certificate is request for a longer period. In WeFact Hosting version 3.3 you are able to define different prices for each request period.

Add it to your order form
You can add a new order form to sell your SSL certificates. Clients can select a SSL certificate in user-friendly wizard or in a select field.
An SSL certificate can be a great upsell posibilities to your (existing) clients!

Request a SSL certificate
A SSL request can be started within WeFact Hosting. The request status will be checked automatically. Once a SSL is requested successfully, you will receive a notification so you can start installing the SSL certificate on the server.
At the moment the installation process is still manually. In the near future we hope to automate the installation process.

SSL management
The SSL module allows you to manage all your SSL certificates well organized. There is no need to use the control panel of your SSL provider, everything can be done directly in WeFact Hosting: revoke a SSL certificate, renew a SSL certificate, add/delete domains of re-issue a SSL certificate with new contact information.

Renew a SSL certificate
Recurring profiles of SSL certificates will not be billed automatically, but only after you (manually) renew the SSL certificate. This is a manual action, but gives you the opportunity to renew the SSL certificate for example for a longer period.
WeFact Hosting will notify you in advance when a SSL certificate almost expires.

SSL providers: Openprovider and Xolphin
A intensive partnership is built to provide a reliable integration for requesting SSL certificates with the providers: Openprovider and Xolphin.

In the near future we will support more SSL providers. Please let us know which SSL provider you use: support@wefact.com.

WeFact Hosting version 3.3: SSL certifactes, new API v2 and attachments for invoices/estimates

We just launched WeFact Hosting version 3.3. The new version has a lot of new functionalities. We also improved WeFact Hosting on several fronts to make it more user-friendly. We would like to share with you the changes.

Improvements and new features:

  • Include attachments to your invoices and estimates
  • Support for new gTLDs
  • Merge multiple draft invoices to one draft invoice of one particular client.
  • Optimalizations for tablet use.
  • SSL and TLS support for POP3 and SMTP servers (necessary for Gmail, Office365, e.g.)
  • You can enter prices excluding or including tax. This is a general setting and can be changed for every invoice, estimate and order form.
  • European SEP A direct debit module.
  • Support for PLESK 9 has been dropped, because Parallels ended the extended support for PLESK 9 June 2013.

NEW:  SSL module
Within the new WeFact Hosting you can request and manage SSL certificates. With the clear overviews managing your SSL certificates became more convenient.
At the moment we support the SSL providers OpenProvider and Xolphin. Clients can order a SSL certificate in the order form and can be automatically requested at the SSL provider.

NEW:  API version 2
On a regular basis we heard clients complaining about the limitations of the current API (version 1). We therefore decided to develop a brand new API (version 2) which support almost all functionalities of WeFact Hosting. The API will no longer limit your whishes.
The old API v1 will be backward compatible. 

How do I update to version 3.3?
Click on the version number (at the top) in your WeFact Hosting environment. The download page of our client area will pop up. Here you can download the update to version 3.3. The downloaded ZIP contains a ‘readme.pdf’ which helps you with the update process.