Closing the WeFact Hosting business

Since the original idea in 2004 for WeFact Hosting we have dreamed about a unique product specifically for the hosting market. A product that automated invoicing and provision domain, hosting, VPS and SSL services automatically for businesses around the world. After launching the product in 2006 in The Netherlands and helping thousands of hosting businesses, we started in 2013 with the next phase of our dream: launching worldwide.

After nearly 5 years of hard work we come to a difficult conclusion... WeFact Hosting isn't the global success we had in mind.

Although we still believe in great opportunities outside The Netherlands, we made the tough decision to shutdown WeFact Hosting internationally and concentrate on the Dutch market.

Sorry for the bad news.
We would like to thank all customers for their trust.

What does this mean for me as an
existing or new user?

Can I keep using WeFact Hosting?
The shutdown is effective immediately, but you can keep using it till February 1st, 2019 for free. We will no longer send invoices for the use of WeFact Hosting.

What about my data in WeFact Hosting?
You can export almost everything to Excel and PDF.
Go in the backoffice in the menu to "Management" > "Export".

Will WeFact Hosting be available in the future?
We decided to focus only on the Dutch market.

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