About WeFact

  • Our story

    In 2005, we came up with the idea to create an online billing system. Sending invoices per email has a lot of benefits: saving money, saving time and up-to-date information of your company finances.
    These ideas resulted in two products WeFact Standard (only in Dutch) and WeFact Hosting.

    Many freelancers and entrepreneurs use our products on a daily base.

  • 13 years experience

    WeFact is one of the first companies who made online billing accessible to everyone. With our experience we aim to deliver the highest quality possible and make tools which save you a lot of time and money!

  • Industry leader

    WeFact is, with a market share around 60%, leader in online billing software for the hosting industry in The Netherlands.

Founders of WeFact

Jeroen Blox

Jeroen Blox

Jeroen has a passion for coding. That's why he works every day on the technical development to improve our products.

Once ideas for new features have been devised, Jeroen starts developing. Jeroen also helps customers with technical questions.

Roel is the creative brain. He comes up with many new ideas and improvements for our products. Besides the expansion of WeFact, he also supports the helpdesk.

By providing support to customers Roel knows exactly what they need what is not clear for customers. He is eager to hear new ideas to keep improving our products.

Roel Korting

Roel Korting

The past years

  • 2005

    Idea: online invoicing

    In 2005 we came up with the idea to
    create a simple online billing system.
    Resulting in: WeFact Standard.

  • 2010

    WeFact Standard

    Completely redesigned and a lot of
    new features were added.

  • 2013

    Worldwide available

    In 2013 we welcome hosting companies
    from all over the world to discover the
    benefits of WeFact Hosting.

  • 2006

    Launch WeFact Hosting

    One year later we start creating an online billing system for the hosting industry. Since October 2006 WeFact Hosting is available.

  • 2012

    WeFact Hosting

    About 5 years after its launch we completely redesigned WeFact Hosting and analyzed each process to make it even more user friendly.



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