Developer resources

Create your own integration

WeFact Hosting let you automate your (hosting)company. Register domains, create hosting accounts directly on the server and receive online payments. At this moment we support over 45 parties. Click here to see all integrations available.

API and Webhooks

If you have PHP knowledge, you are able to exchange information with WeFact Hosting by using the API. Besides API possibilities, you can also extend existing functions and perform additional actions with the available webhooks.

API version 2
Retreive and add information or create a link between your own application and WeFact Hosting.
Extend existing functions of WeFact Hosting with your own actions.

Clientarea customization

You can customize and extend the clientarea to fit your needs. Documentation and example files are available. Click here to view the documentation.

No integration with you favorite company? Develop it yourself

If you are a PHP coder you can easily create an integration. No knowledge of PHP? Hire a PHP coder which can do this for you.
Below you find all the information and examples needed to create an integration.

Payment provider
Receive online payments and automatically mark your invoices as paid.
Domain / SSL registrar
Register and manage domain names including the domain contacts.

Hosting control panel
Create and manage your hosting accounts on your servers.
Create a VPS on your platform and manage (start, pause, restart) a VPS.

Share your developments

We aim to make WeFact Hosting suitable for every hosting business worldwide. Most likely will your development be interested for other companies which already use of want to use WeFact Hosting. Therefore we encourage you to share your developments.



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