30 days for free

no obligations and no credit card required

Please contact us to request a trial

Send us an email at info@wefact.com with your company name and email address so we can set up a free trial for you. We will try to handle your request within 2 working days.


What happens after the 30 days?  

At the end of your trial period, you will receive an email from us. In this email you find more information how to keep your WeFact Hosting active and placing an order.

Your trial will never automatically turned in to an order!

Will my data retain after my trial?  

After you place an order you immediately can access your WeFact Hosting, without losing your data. WeFact

Does the trial has limitations?  

No. During your trial you can use all features. WeFact

Server requirements  

• Apache or IIS
• PHP 5.6.x - PHP 7.0.x
   ionCube (version 6 or higher), cURL, mod_rewrite and
   SOAP client

• MySQL 4 or higher

When can I start using WeFact Hosting?  

You can start right after you sign up for your trial. All information will be sent to you by email. WeFact



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